Code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

by University of London & Goldsmiths, University of London

Course Outline

In this course you will learn three key website programming and design languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will create a web page using basic elements to control layout and style. Additionally, your web page will support interactivity.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Define the purpose of HTML, CSS and javascript
  2. Make a simple web page using HTML
  3. Use CSS to control text styles and layout
  4. Use CSS libraries such as bootstrap to create responsive layouts
  5. Use javascript variables and functions
  6. Manipulate web page content using javascript
  7. Respond to user input using javascript

In this course, you will complete:

2 assignments writing HTML, CSS and javascript, each taking ~1 hour to complete

2 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete

Grading and assessment information

After each lesson there are practice quizzes which will test your knowledge from the video lecture you have just watched. Your attempts at these quizzes will not count towards your final grade for the course and will not affect your ability to achieve the course certificate.


In order to achieve the course certificate you must complete all module summary quizzes and both peer assessments.

All modules have a graded quiz which each count towards 10% of your overall grade for the course.

There is a peer assessment at the end of modules 1.2 and 1.4 which each count towards 30% of your overall grade for the course.

The pass mark for this course is 65%.

Week 1 – HTML: Structure & Content

Course Content

·         Introduction

·         Web basics

·         Set up the dev environment

·         Write some HTML

·         Build a Nav bar

·         Images and lists

·         Properly structured documents

·         The World’s first web page revisited

·         What does ‘responsive’ mean?

·         HTML summary

Week 1 – CSS: Display & Appearance

Course Content

·         Introduction
·         External CSS file
·         Fonts
·         Customising links
·         Layout control
·         Install Bootstrap
·         Responsive grid
·         CSS Summary
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